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blackjack tactics 8th

consist of about.
If a high intensity campaign would have been done against isis the mechanized or armored forces would have been comprised of the next accompanying elements: Mechanized infantry, engineers, self-propelled artillery and air support, all of them used at the same time, in high numbers and.
While Syria is in general a dry country the north gets some snow and very low temperatures during the coldest months of the winter but in fact that is not a problem for the Leopard 2s that are very well suited for low temperatures.
While Leopard 2A4 is probably protected online casinos rigged blacklisted enough against most threats at the front the sides are another story and in our opinion the addition of the Leopard 2 NG armor to the sides and some ERA could make them well protected against isis threats however.Another typical trick even used by Iraq during 1991 consists in generate big columns of smoke by burning some crtitical places with very inflammable content, also against the link officers from artillery or the air force they also burn large amounts of tires to generate.Also do not forget that we offer military analysis and osint services.Interestingly almost a 100 of the hits of mines, RPGs and atgms over the Leopard 2s happened on the right flank of the tanks, this has a lot of sense as estrategia blackjack tabla far as the position of isis was in Al Bab, and Turkish tanks were.This vbied is based on a T-54/55 chassis Although atgms are very efficient against this kind of targets but also slow firing guns like recoilless rifles, AT guns, and tanks guns can also be very effective in the right circumstances.The individuals vbieds The suicide bomb vehicles are used as a second artillery to produce a first shock before the main echelon assaults the position or as a ram against an entrenched force or a strong point, but the suicide drivers are a relatively expensive.Also they even get some unnecessary enemies among radical sunnie groups with whom they could have get agreements.In similar hits in T-72 series tanks in Syria where the better frontal armor of the Leopard 2A4s is not an advantage because the T-72s have around 80 mm of steel in the sides probably nearly the same as the Leopard 2s, we have been.Also the use of surveillance drones, even civilian ones overlooking the forward positions can be very effective to deal with vbieds by providing some level of early warning.However Leopard 2s are designed to also protect the critical flammable or explosive components inside the tank, and overall the ammunition racks wich are protected and even every round has its own plated container.

But sometimes they directly design absolutely new and huge vehicles that I call gunned castles which add a lot of bulletproof plates and a few levels with HMGs mounted on them what creates very strange combinations that remind us to some WWI vehicles.
Syria is not as hot as some would expect.
This is important for several reasons, for example the DM-53 (KE) is much faster than the M325 (heat) and so it has a much more flat and easy to aim trajectorie what leads to a higher level of accuracy and rate of fire both very important capabilities.
Also the use of the agents tends to be more psychological than tactical.If this hasnt happen yet it could be for two reasons: The less important is that the drones, specially those with a certain size are available for isis just in limited quantities, but the most important is that they would need a real training program.Isis produced projectile being dropped In the case of the artifact used on the attack while we cant know its size I would say that it has a similar white plastic tail as other isis designs while in this case it is coupled with what.The appearance of isis armed drones is quite recent and as it could be consider by some as a mere psychological weapon in my opinion is just another weapon with a big psychological impact but also with some level of capacity to help isis wear.When this final step trucos tragaperra viva tijuana happened the pressure from the air coalition but also from the SyAF and the RuAF forced them to adapt to a new kind of warfare where they were been continuously harassed from above and so the use of their new hardware was.The impact led to a catastrophic kill that probably disembogued in the death of some members of the crew.The tank has two main ammo racks, the first one with 27 rounds storaged at the front of the chassis at the height of the gunner, that one is very well protected but it could be vulnerable to mines that hit the low glacis or beneath.The use of tanks in urban warfare has appeared just a few times in isis videos but maybe this is an underrepresented way of use in isis media because they normally record big victories and urban warfare is a slow advance one and so it doesnt provide.Finally the core of their recently erected force comes from people and volunteers recruited inside and outside the Caliphate, then they are probably classified, most of them have no military experience but a few may have done the military service or even have served.Translation by Victor Lledó.

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